gilbert the goanna

Green NFTs driving real world impacts!

Over 100,000 Trees planted

Trees Planted
Months Old

Meet Goanna #001 "Gilbert"

Gilbert the Goanna is the genesis piece from the Al Goanna NFT series. He is on a mission to plant more trees

Green NFTs on Algorand

NFTs are often portrayed as environmentally damaging. Using the carbon negative Algorand Blockchain, it is possible to create NFTs with minimal energy consumption. Help us change the narrative and show that NFTs can be green.

Real World Impacts

The Al Goanna Project has spearheaded the movement for using NFTs as a vehicle for enacting real world change. As part of their mission they have committed to the planting of over 40,000 Trees and the development of a bio diversity corridor in Australia.

Now they have their sites on taking the initiative around the world and contributing to reforestation, biodiversity and carbon sequestion on multiple continents.

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We suppport tree planting projects around the world

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