Meet Gilbert

Goanna 001

Gilbert the Goanna

Minted 09/09/21

Gilbert the Goanna is the genesis piece (#001) from the Al Goanna NFT series. He was first sold to Algo Collector in September ’21 and recently acquired by Arul and Kavitha who have shared their story below.

Arul and I moved to Miami 5 months back. We got a place on the water. It is a gorgeous place. However we were surprised to see large lizards about the size of a  kitten sometimes. They were everywhere.I was terrified of them. I even told Arul that I don’t want to go for morning walks anymore as there were too many lizards ( iguanas) on the island.  

I always wanted an aquarium in my home but never got to it. I took advantage of living on the water by training a few fish to come and visit me every morning between 7 am and 8 am.  I would feed them fish food and bread and have around 100 fish visit me each day.

One day I had a new land  visitor join me…. A green iguana. I dropped my fish food and ran, this kept happening for days.

Girl sees lizard, girl screams, lizard runs, girl runs…

I stopped feeding the fish … that’s how scared I was of the iguana. I knew he was harmless but one part of me said he wants to eat me…lol! He was a bit creepy 🙂

He made absolutely no sound but would magically appear 10 inches away from me …come on. That would scare anyone!:)

My kids and Arul started knocking some sense into me, that I should quit being nervous and start to accept Gilbert. He is coming to me because he is hungry. Slowly I mustered the courage to not run but stay 8 feet away and feed him. I  started to like feeding the green guy. I even missed him and worried about him the mornings he didn’t appear.

I learnt he lives on the plant fence around our property. He likes steamed rice better than bread.  He seemed to like anything white. He has tasted (licked)  my ear pods, my white coffee mug, my white ceramic plates, my white pants. Yup…he has a huge obsession for anything and everything white. 

I started to love the green guy. I named him Gilbert! That was the first name that popped in my head. I don’t know why but he looks like a “Gilbert” to me.

Gilbert knows I love him and understood he had to stay 8 feet away from me at all times.

Gilbert has became a big part of our morning coffee by the water. Arul and I have been married and working together ( life and business partner ) for 22 yrs. As entrepreneurs turned VC’s our coffee time conversations are typically around new projects, ideas, startups, blockchain etc. Of Course NFT’s are a big part of our discussions. Arul often spoke about Al Goanna and it being the Algorand’s blue chip NFT project. We had previously been involved in planting tree initiatives and Al Gonna was bridging our love for Gilbert and our love for planting trees.

Unfortunately, we had to move to a new house in early November 2021 and say goodbye to Gilbert. We decided to buy Al Goanna #001 in honor of Gilbert and allow him to continue to be a part of our lives. To continue Gilbert’s legacy and celebrate joining the Goanna community, we have worked with Al Goanna to set up this web site and support tree planting organizations around the world.