Artist Residency

Work with us to create an NFT series

20,000A Bounty

Project Overview
We are looking to create a series of NFTs for the Gilbert Goanna tree planting fund.

The initial collection will feature 1000 unique 1/1 NFTs. Of these we will be releasing approx 700 in a public sale. The proceeds of which will go directly to the Tree Fund. The remaining 300 NFTs will be used as rewards to acknowledge high value donations.

In addition to being valuable collectibles the NFTs will hold exciting utility.

NFT Utility

  • The NFTs will give exclusive access to the Tree Fund Discord.
  • Governors will also be involved in voting which defi protocols to invest in to generate yield for the fund.
  • Holding an NFT will give you the opportunity to become a project governor and take part in regular community votes to decide which tree planting projects will be supported by the fund.
  • NFT owners will get regular first hand updates from Benji and Kavitha in private AMA sessions.
  • NFT owners will be invited to private AMA sessions with guest speakers from the Algorand eco-system
  • Once the 700 NFTs have sold out there will be a snapshot of holders taken. These wallets will get the chance to win exclusive NFT prizes and merchandise including Goanna Eggs.

Artist Search

We are looking for an artist/illustrator to partner with for this exciting project and are inviting submissions from up and coming artists.

You will get the chance to work directly with Al Goanna project founder, Benji, who will be mentoring the chosen artist and helping them bring their vision to life. This is an exclusive opportunity to work directly with one of the most successful NFT project leads building on Algorand.

We are interested in receiving proposals from all styles of artists. Illustrators, photographers, 3D.

We appreciate the prospect of creating 1000 unique 1/1s is no small task and are offering a generous bounty of up to 20,000A as payment to the selected artist.

If required we are able to provide assistance with generative scripts, minting and meta data uploading.

Please apply using the form below to formally apply and see FAQs for any questions.

20,000A Bounty

Work with Al Goanna

Launch your NFT career

Apply Now

Apply to become the Tree funds first resident artist and work with us to create our first dedicated NFT series. It is an open brief but we would like the NFTs to clearly reference our environmental focus and tree planting objectives.

Applications must be received by 15th April.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an online interview with Benji and Kavitha.

The winning artist will be hired to produce the NFT series and receive 20,000A

The second place artist will receive 5 NFTs from the new collection

The third place artist will receive 3 NFTs from the new collection

Please include a detailed description of the concept for your proposed NFT series. Feel free to include links to google drive/dropbox to support your application.


The NFTs will be minted by a wallet controlled by the Gilbert Goanna Tree Fund, so that royalties can continue to support The Fund’s environmental efforts.

The artist will be required to enter into a formal contract and will be paid upon deliver of certain milestones throughout the project.

We are open in terms of the style of artist and are interested in creative and innovative concepts. The goal for this series is to produce NFTs of the highest standard seen on the Algorand blockchain.

Yes this initiative is open to all artists/creators and support is available for the technical aspects of the project if required.

There is support available for all applicants. Benji, from Al Goanna, will be acting as a mentor, taking an active role in the projects development.  This is a unique opportunity to get direct access and guidance from the creator of Algorand’s most successful NFT project.

We can also provide developer resources as necessary to help bring your vision to life.

Currently the Al Goanna team is at full capacity, focused on producing the Zombie/Mutants V2 series for their collection. In addition by working with new artists in this way, our hope is to provide a launchpad to support emerging artists as they establish themselves within the Algorand community.